5 incredibly insightful blogs to help you succeed online_

5 incredibly insightful blogs to help you succeed online

Internet is an incredible place and we are lucky to live in the time when it’s growing, offering incredible opportunities to start a business but also learn how to start one. There are amazing blogs out there that can help you succeed online.

I love to dive in and learn everything there’s to know about the subject of my passion starting my own online business and helping others do the same has been my passion for many years. The bookshelves in my house were about to collapse when I discovered blogging and some incredible blogs that offer a wealth of knowledge to a new business owners like me.

Over the years I read many books and even more blogs, indulging my quest for knowledge or simply saving myself from going crazy when I couldn’t figure out how to make something work on my website!

There is an incredible number of excellent blogs out there that can help on a ton of subjects from online marketing to website building and running social media, but today I will list 5 that helped me and that I read still, finding value every time.

Here are 5 incredibly insightful blogs to help you succeed online.

I hope they become your favorite go-to as well!

5 incredibly insightful blogs to help you succeed online_


Smart Passive Income with Pat Flynn

One of the most detailed and informative blogs out there on running business online, including niche sites, keyword research, running a podcast, e-publishing and much, much more.

Pat Flynn is infamous in giving away a ton of very useful information for free, making most of his money with affiliate sales coming from his invaluable blog posts.

Pat runs on principle of full disclosure and so he posts his monthly income as a report on his blog and shows where his earnings come from.

Pat also runs an amazing podcast and a YouTube channel.

Pat inspired me, along with thousands others to dig deeper into the subject of online business, to learn more and keep on experimenting.

Suitcase Entrepreneur with Natalie Sisson

Natalie is a world traveler and freedom fighter.

She believes on business that is location independent, can be run from anywhere in the world and supports the lifestyle of your dreams.

She values freedom and independence above all and successfully run multiple six-figure businesses from her laptop while she travels to the country of her choosing.

Natalie’s blog and podcast opens your eyes to the possibility of a pure online business with the team assembled from all around the world where your life determines your work and not the other way around.

Natalie inspires me every day to go after my dreams and know that they are possible. (By the way, she offers a  fantastic Freedom Plan course that she runs only a couple times a year, here’s a link if you want to check it out: http://bit.ly/JoinTFPNP #aff)

Screw the Nine to Five with Jill and Josh Stanton

Screw the Nine to Five ran by Jill and Josh Stanton speaks for itself – these two are all about getting out of that J.O.B. and doing their own thing!

They specialize in taking the things you already know, the skills you’ve used in your day job and creating a business that can support you and allow you screw that 9-5 for good!

Jill and Josh started as niche sites ninjas and, after becoming super successful in the field, decided to help others and teach them how to do it too!

They’ve expanded since and offer a monthly membership that includes all of their awesome courses, online community, monthly calls, Q&A sessions, masterminds and hot seats.

The community they run is second to none with the most engaged, supportive members I’ve ever seen.

They also run an awesome podcast and Facebook group. Jill and Josh are freaking amazing, they are like best friends and super cool teachers all in one.

They are personable, caring, fun, supportive, and push me to work hard on my biz every day.

PJRVS with Paul Jarvis

Paul Jarvis is an amazing human being and a talented web designer. He is also a book writer, course creator and the most no-bull freelancer I’ve ever met.

If you want to learn how to run a business using your own talents, getting paid what you deserve and succeeding in the rough waters of a freelance world, you must follow Paul’s blog, sign up for his weekly newsletter (priceless!) and catch his posts on Medium and other outlets.

Paul delivers all the knowledge you need in no-fluff, straight to the point, no-bull manner that few posses.

His sense of humor and his honesty are refreshing and are hard to find.

Paul also runs an “Invisible Office Hours” podcast with Jason Zook.

Paul is one of the very few people that I credit with my decision to venture into online business.

His blog and his books showed me that you don’t have to be over-complicated in your lifestyle or your business to be successful and happy. He also inspired me to go vegan and simplify my life.

Off the Charts with Nathalie Lussier

Nathalie Lussier is a quiet introvert with an incredible power.

Web designer since the age of 12, Nathalie built several successful online businesses, including the well-known Raw Foods Witch and Off The Charts blog, podcast and YouTube channel.

Among other things, Nathalie’s company created an excellent free 30 day course to grow your email, a number of fantastic online courses, including HeartQuarters (http://bit.ly/HeartQtr #aff) where she teaches many technical aspects of online business in an easy to understand manner.

Nathalie’s latest project, AmbitionAlly site is dedicated to her love of software programming and offers several software solutions intended for online sellers.

Nathalie also hosts an annual Off The Charts Live event that I had a pleasure to attend in May of 2015.

Nathalie is my bright example that you don’t have to be loud or in everyone’s face, an extrovert or a natural-born salesperson to build a successful empire.

Nathalie is a quiet power behind a thriving enterprise, making a difference in the lives of many online business women without compromising her integrity and by staying true to herself.


These are just 5 of my favorite blogs. I’ve learned a lot and still do from every one of them. Give them a whirl, you’ll be glad you did.

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