Which Fantastic WordPress Plugins I Use And Why

WordPress is one of the widest used blogging platforms out there. And the number of themes (free and paid) that is available for WordPress is beyond counting. WordPress themes come in all shapes and sizes and offer all kinds of functionality, from simple to complex. However, we still find ourselves adding even more bells and whistles by adding WordPress plugins… Read More

How to Install SumoMe Tools on Your Blog

SumoMe provides a variety of free and paid online tools for your WordPress site, including, but not limited to: list builder, scroll box, heat maps, sharing tools, contact tools, welcome mat and more. Many of the tools are available for free and offer great functionality, so you can always install and try them out and, if you feel a need… Read More

First 5 Plugins You Need To Install on your WordPress site

As a person who started my web-designing days coding HTML by hand, I have to tell you – I love WordPress. It’s simple, visual, intuitive and, my favorite part – offers a ton of functionality without a need to code. Most of the WordPress functionality comes from the theme you install on your site, but, if you need even more… Read More

How to add a Contact Us page to your WordPress site

The Contact Us page is one of the most important pages on your site/blog. This is where your readers and potential clients can request the information from you, give you heads up about something they found broken on your site or simply send you kudos and thank you! Your Contact Us page lets your visitors know that you are accessible… Read More