Create a New Post with an Image on your WordPress site

How to Create a New Post with an Image on your WordPress site

You’ve got yourself a blog. You went out there, found an awesome website name, bought it, then got yourself a hosting and now you are in business.

Now what? You sit and stare at your new WordPress site, but you don’t quite know what to do with it.

Well, a good place to start is with a new post! It’s a building block of your blog and it is what attracts the readers to your site.

Create a New Post with an Image on your WordPress site

So, lets get to it.

Here is how you create a new post.

Step 1: Log in to your WordPress dashboard:


Step 2: Add a new post:

From the Dashboard menu, choose Posts -> Add New

Step 3: Add title and content to the post:

Your ‘Add New Post’ screen will appear and you are off to the races. Click on the top line where it says ‘Enter title here’ and enter the title for your awesome post.

Then, click in the large lower portion and type in the rest of your post.Step3_Add_title_and_content

Step 4: New post with some content:

Here is how your post will look like after you have added a title and some text.

You can click ‘Save Draft’ button on the right upper side of the menu to save what you have so far without publishing it on the web.

In the next step we will add an image to your new post to make it really stand out.


Step 5: Adding Media (photo) to the post:

A post that has only text can sure be valuable, but it’s kind of boring and the visitors like to be visually engaged.

Plus, it helps your blog’s SEO when you have an image in your post.

To add a photo to your new post, click on the ‘Add Media’ button that is located between your post’s title and main body. This button can be used to add different kinds of media, including music and video, but today we will learn how to add a photo.


Step 6: Adding an existing photo:

You will be brought to ‘Insert Media’ screen and the thumbnails of your existing images will be listed under the Media Library tab.

You can choose an image here by clicking on it and then clicking on ‘Insert Into Post’ button on the lower right. If the image that you need is not here, see the next step on how to add an image to the library.


Step 7: Adding a new photo:

To add a new image into your media library, first click on the ‘Upload Files’ tab at the top of the ‘Insert Media’ screen.

You will get this kind of an empty screen with ‘Select Files’ button on it. Click this button and go to the next step.


Step 8: Choosing photo from your computer:

You will get a pop-up screen which is basically a Windows Explorer, where you can look around your computer and find photos.

Go to the folder on your computer where you store the photo you want to add to your post, click on the photo you want and click on ‘Open’.


Step 9: Selecting the photo you have added to the library:

You will be brought back to the ‘Media Library’ tab of your ‘Insert Media’ screen since the photo you chose in the step 8 is now part of the media library.

Your freshly added image will be selected by default (as you can tell by a check mark in its upper right corner and a highlighting around it).

On the right side of the screen you will see the details of this image: size in pixels, name of the file, its location. At this point, if you want to change the title of the image, you can do so. You can also add Alt Text, which is the text your visitors will see when they hover over the image on your blog post.


Step 10: Choosing image alignment and size:

While still on the same screen, you can scroll down to see some additional settings which will directly affect how the image is displayed in your post.

‘Alignment’ controls if the image is aligned left, right or centered.

‘Size’ controls how big your photo will be. It’s a drop-down menu which usually gives you thumbnail, medium, large and full size options. Once the image is in your post, you can always click on it and resize it later.

To make image really visible in the post, I usually choose medium or large. Once you are done with the settings, click on ‘Insert Into Post’ to add this image to your post.


Step 11: New post with an image:

You will be brought back to your ‘Add New Post’ screen where you will see the new post you were working on, now with an image added to it.

Add the rest of your blog post text and either Save Draft and Preview if you are still working on it or…

Add a category to your post under ‘Categories’ menu (makes your post better searchable on your blog) and then hit Publish.

Your new post will now appear on your blog for anyone to see.




Congratulations! You’ve just created your first post and added a photo to it! Now, nothing can stop you from rocking this blogging thing!

If you want to try more advanced things with your blog post and try some SEO magic, get your free Blog SEO Checklist here.

To create your next post, just go back to Step 1 and do it all over again. After a while, you will be creating these practically in your sleep!

When you are ready for some advanced stuff like installing some useful plugins onto your WordPress blog, check out “How to Add Contact Us Page and Plugin to Your WordPress Site” to get that all important Contact Us page onto your blog.


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