Blogging Basics: How to create a Blog page for your WordPress website

Having a blog is all about blogging, right? So when you create your blog, you might start off with just creating blog posts and posing them out there. You might add categories and tags to them and that’s a great way to start getting your posts organized. As your blog grows, you might find a need to have all your posts located in one single spot where they can be found and have something else but a most recent blog post on your home page. So, how do you do that? How do define that one single location for your posts? You need to create a Blog page.

A permanent page named Blog is something that is recognized by WordPress as a location for all of the blog posts to show up on, in a chronological order, with the latest post being at the top. The advantage of the Blog page is that it can be pointed to as a single location to find all of your posts, no matter what other pages you might have on your site.

Once a Blog page is created, you don’t have to do anything extra to add your newest posts to it, they will show up there automatically. Individual posts still exist and you can point to them on an individual basis when you need, but to point to your whole collection, all you need to do is point to

Creating a Blog page is now that complicated, no code or technical knowledge is required. You create a page and voila, it just works. Don’t you love that? (I wish my dinner did that!)

So, let me show you how to create a Blog page.

Blogging Basics: How to create a Blog page for your WordPress website

Create a Blog Page

Just like with any page, to create a Blog page, go to your WordPress admin screen.

On the left side of your Dashboard, go to Page – Add New (or at the very top of your screen find + New and drop down to Page).

How to create a Blog page

Tist will create a brand new blank page.

How to create a Blog page

Give it a title of Blog. Do not, and I repeat, do not enter any other content in the actual body of the page. Publish. BAM, just like that!

How to create a Blog page

Now, that you have this page, WordPress will do the work for you and display all your blog posts on it, like a good boy (or is a girl?) that it is.

But let’s not leave this page hanging! We want it to be found and used by your readers.

We need to add the Blog page to your blog’s navigation, or simply, Menu.

Add Blog Page to the Menu

To add the Blog page to the menu (and you might have a top and bottom menus) do this.

While in the WordPress dashboard, on the left side, go to Appearance – Menus.

How to create a Blog page

Once that screen opens up, you might have 2 scenarios.
1 – you don’t have any menus yet
2 – you have an existing menu or two and you need to add the Blog page to them

If you don’t have any menus yet, press Create New.

Name your menu. I usually call top menu a Top Menu and bottom/footer menu a Bottom Menu. I know, super creative, don’t be jealous now.

Once the menu is named, you can save it and start adding things to it.

To add pages to your menu, use check boxes next to the page names. Check the pages that you want on that particular menu (since top and bottom menus might hold a different set of pages) and click Add.

How to add a Blog page

The pages you have selected will be added to the menu.

How to add a Blog page

Click save and you are good to go.

Now, if you look at your site, you will see that the navigation has a Blog link.

If you already have a menu, simply select the menu you want to add the Blog page to, click on the check box next to Blog and click Add.

The Blog page will be added to the menu of your choice. Save.

Home Page is for Home and Blog Page is for Blog Posts

Now that you have a fancy new Blog page and your navigation shows it, let’s take it one step further. Let’s say, you want your blog site to have a different main page than a blog list. Let’s say you want to have a Home page and a Blog page, and they are not the same page.

First, create a Home page. Just like with Blog page – go to Pages – Add New.
Name the page Home.

Now, go to Settings – Reading and under Front Page Displays, choose Static Page and underneath that for Front Page select “Home” and for Posts page select “Blog”.

How to add a Blog page
Go to your actual blog and see. You now have a new Home page and when you click on the link for Blog, you will see all your blog posts there.

Magic. Pure magic. Don’t you feel powerful? Yeah, I know.

And there you have it. You have a Blog page, Home page, menus, life is good.


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