My latest favorite free social analytics tool for Instagram - SquareLovin

My latest favorite free social media analytics tool for Instagram – SquareLovin

I love Instagram. I love going there to check out what my business friends had posted, to support them by liking, commenting and sharing their posts. I also go there to post my own posts to inspire, challenge the thinking and occasionally let my followers about challenges, offers or giveways I have going. Sometimes my posts get a bunch of likes and comments and sometimes it’s like a zombie land. How can I tell when it’s the best time to post on Instagram? Recently I have discovered a new (to me) free social media analytics tool for Instagram, SquareLovin.

My latest favorite free social analytics tool for Instagram - SquareLovin

SquareLovin is a pretty cool tool. It’s free and it allows you to connect more than one Instagram accounts (for example, I have 2 – one for Nightpreneur and another one for my Etsy shop). You will see these accounts on your Dashboard where you can add additional Instagram accounts if you need:

SquareLovin Dashboard Free Instagram Social Media Analytics Tool


Once you connect your Instagram accounts, SquareLovin gets all the statistics from them and lays them out for you. Let go over each side tab one by one.



On this screen you get overall view of your account: how many posts you made, how many likes and how many comments your posts have received, how many followers you have and how many people you follow.

You also get a chart of your follower growth in the past 7 days and scores for your last 4 posts (including th images of those 4 posts) and last 15 posts (just the likes, comments and engagment rate)

Overview - SquareLoving Free Social Media Analytics tool for Instagram


Monthly Analytics

On the monthly analytics screen you will get an overview of the current month (in this case for the past 6 days if November).

It shows you last posts and if you hover over each, it will show the number of likes and comments for that post.

It shows you what the most used filter for your images was and most used hashtag.

You will see the number of media, likes and comments you have received.

Monthly ANalytics - SquareLoving Free Social Media Analytics tool for Instagram

Scrolling further down that same page you will also get a look at your most liked and most commented on posts and grows(or decline) of your followers in the past month (in this case I have a decline as a bunch of follow-unfollow type of accounts dropped out):


Now, lets look at the next tab:


This page is kind of neat as it shows you your first post EVER (awee, how nostalgic, that was an image of our old vacation home where I was working on my book).

It also shows you the growing number of your posts since that time.

Below that you will see year to year comparison of the number of the posts, month by month of the current and the previous year. It’s really interesting to see how your posting habits changed (or haven’t!) from year to year, from month to month.

Postings - SquareLovin free social media analytics tool for Instagram

Once you scroll down this page you will see postings by day of the week, by the hour of the day and what was your most used hashtag and filter.

Postings - SquareLoving Free Social Media Analytics tool for Instagram

Now, let’s get into something more exciting:


On the Engagement screen you will see, going back to when your account started, how the number of likes has compared to the number of posts you made, basically to see if, with time, you start getting more likes per post. In case of my account, it looks like the trend it up. Yay!

Below the graph, you will also see what were you most liked posts EVER, and from there figure out, what kind of content your followers want to see more of in the future.

Engagement - SquareLoving Free Social Media Analytics tool for Instagram

Scrolling down this same page, we get the similar graph and activity for the Comments.

The graph shows if, with time, you are getting more or less comments per post, which again in my case, it looks like my followers are leaving more comments.

And, to let you see what kind of posts spur the conversation, you also see what were you top commented posts. Looks like inspiration posts are definitely the winners here.


With all the above in mind, we of course wonder – Ok, we know WHAT our followers like, but WHEN should we post these post to get the most of them?

To get that info, check out the next tab,


On the Optimization screen, you will see, based on the last 90 days of your account history what is the best day (or days) of the week for you to post (for my account Monday, Wednesday and Friday seem to stand out, while on Saturday I should take a day off); you also see what is the best time of the day to post, when the people engage the most with your posts (like in my case, I should hop on that 9am hour slot for my posts).

To put it all together in an overall visual form, SquareLovin also offers a Day of the week/Time of the day visual dot chart on which the bigger the circle , the more engagement your posts get at that point in time. So for my account it looks like Wednesday 9am and Wednesday 10pm have the biggest dots, with Monday 7pm, Thursday 8am, Friday 9, 10 and 11am, Sat 9am and Sun 10am following in second place (and on and on).

So, with 1-2 posts a day being the recommended Instagram frequency of posting, I can pretty clearly map out for each day of the week I should post for best engagement.

Optimiaztion - SquareLoving Free Social Media Analytics tool for Instagram

Scrolling further down that page, we also get the effect the filter we use having on our engagement and what tags we use (with most used ones being shown in larger size font) along with the top used tags on Instagram (to help us out get more enagement).

Optimization - SquareLoving Free Social Media Analytics tool for Instagram

The Optimization screen in this social media analytics tool was the most important one for us to help figure out the strategy of our posting date and time.
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We have one more tab to look through and it’s…


Community screen in SquareLovin gives you an overview of how many people follow you vs you follow others and what is the level of account growth in the last month.

Community - SquareLoving Free Social Media Analytics tool for Instagram

So, as you can see, SquareLovin is a great tool, it’s one of the the best social analytics tools for Instagram I have found so far. It’s easy to use, it’s all in one place and it let’s you manage more than one Instagram account. 

If you want to check it out for yourself, click here.
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