How to come up with an awesome name for your blog

How to come up with an awesome name for your blog

A great blog starts with a great name. Short of the look, your blog’s name gives the visitors its first impression. When you pick a name for your blog, keep in mind that it’s something people remember it by, it goes on all of your branding materials like letterheads, images, business cards, ads, etc., it represents what your blog is all about and sets certain assumptions in the minds of your readers.

Yes, it’s kind of a lot of pressure and often, people get stuck for days if not weeks, choosing that perfect name at the expense of starting their blog already.

So, let’s not do that. Let’s not drag our feet and postpone the awesomeness of starting your new blog.

How to come up with an awesome name for your blog

Here are some tips to start you off. You want your blog name to satisfy some of these if you can (if not, move on).

Ideally the name for your blog should:

  • Be unique and not be confused with another closely sounding name
  • Have words that won’t be confused with other similar sounding words
  • Not have numbers in it, if you can help it. However, if you must, then make sure that you own both/all names, one with a numerical representation and another one with a word represention of that number. You can point both of these names to the same website (, and
  • Be short – no one likes to type long, tricky to spell words
  • Have no more than 3 words – again, who wants to spell
  • Give an idea of what the blog is about
  • Be easy to spell – ditto to the few previous points
  • Be a .com (unless you have to be .org or .edu due to nature of your business)

Now that the points above have given you a bit of a start and you have some ideas flowing…

Brainstorm some more with these steps:

  • Make a list of words that describe what you/your blog stand for or what you do.
  • Add to that list words that convey your mission or the feeling that you want your blog to invoke in the readers.
  • Go through this list and pick top 5 words/terms, the ones that really stand out and call out to you. Don’t get stuck, go with your gut. You should feel giddy like a little kid when you come across the word that’s just right.
  • You can take it one step further and add words related to your industry, i.e. Wordsmith, Editing, Photo, Plumbing, Graphics, Design and play with the combinations, see if they sound good together.
  • At last, If you’re still stuck, try domain name generators.

Domain name generators are websites that let you enter some of your name ideas and give you back a bunch of possible names, one of which will, hopefully, be a winner.

I like using It’s super straightforward and absolutely easy to use.

Lean Domain Name Generator - easy to use

When you go to, all you have to do is enter a word or a couple of words that you got from previous exercises and want in your domain name. Press ‘Search Domains’.

Lean Name Generator

I recommend starting with just one word since the domain name generator will add some words of it’s own and you don’t want your name to become this 5 word monster.

So, enter one of your words and the generator will give you back dozens and dozens of potential domain names, each of them containing your word + another word that the generator picked for you.

What I like about the is that it gives you the suggestions that are all .com and it checks if they are available for purchase. The ones that are available are color coded in green.

Lean Name Generator

Go ahead scroll and review all the possible combinations to your heart’s content, you will be amazed by all the ideas you haven’t thought of. See if you can find the one that is the shortest, easiest to spell, easiest to remember but still conveys what you’re all about and you have yourself a winner!

Lean Name Generator

Right from the domain generator’s site, you can click on the website name and it will show you if it’s still available and even give you links to several providers where you can buy it from.

It will check if a matching Twitter name is available as well (that’s where having a short blog name comes in handy since Twitter has a number of characters limitation).

Lean Domain Generator

You can choose to buy your blog name (also known as domain name) from the vendors that the generator offers.

I recommend, they have great prices and you can buy hosting from them as well. You can also buy the domain name from one provider and then hunt for the best hosting from another vendor. I recommend, and

So, congrats, I’m sure you were super awesome and were able to pick a blog domain name that’s just as awesome!

Now, that you own your fantastic shiny new blog domain name remember to renew it every year – your registrar company will send you a reminder 60 to 30 days in advance.

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