How to schedule Instagram posts using Latergram

I recently wrote a post about tools I use to schedule Instagram posts and since I had a lot of interest in this topic, I figured I’ll show you how I schedule Instagram posts using my favorite app, Latergram*, recently re-branded to simply Later at*. Later allows you schedule instagram posts for free. I love Later(gram) for these reasons: it’s… Read More

I hate it here, but don’t have any other options

A co-worker at my 9 to 5 recently broke down crying in the middle of a meeting. When we asked what was wrong, she said: “I hate it here. I hate it here so much, but I have no other options.” Hearing something like that from a young, talented and smart person was really unnerving. It was especially unnerving because… Read More

How to come up with an awesome name for your blog

A great blog starts with a great name. Short of the look, your blog’s name gives the visitors its first impression. When you pick a name for your blog, keep in mind that it’s something people remember it by, it goes on all of your branding materials like letterheads, images, business cards, ads, etc., it represents what your blog is… Read More