What Is Blogging and How It Can Help Your Business Reach Out

If you spent any time on the internet, you’ve heard the term blog or blogging. It sounds so mysterious and cool, like earning millions from the beach. So what is blogging exactly, you may ask? What is blogging? Blogging is, basically, logging your thoughts on the web. Blogging came from “weblogging” which over time got shortened to the term of… Read More

How to host your first worry-free webinar

Webinars or online workshops are all the rage these days and I had to give them a go. They are a great way to share knowledge with your followers, get personal and show your human side, bring awareness to your brand and grow your list. Sounds great, but of course, there’s that tech setup part that just puts a damper… Read More

Awesome tools to automate your social media sharing

Running your own online business is a lot of work. Running your own online business while still working full-time elsewhere is a lot of work packed into quarter of the the time. At times you wish you could clone yourself. Since that’s not yet doable, the next thing you can do is offload some of your tasks like social media sharing…. Read More