Pick My Brain Sessions

Pick My Brain Sessions
Are you just starting out in your online business and are completely overwhelmed with everything?

There is so much to figure out and all these questions to answer:

  • a blog or a website
  • free or self-hosted
  • WordPress or SquareSpace
  • what’s an email list and how do you get one
  • which social media platform is the best and what to do with it for your business
  • how to translate the “know” into an offer
  • how to find time and stick to goals
  • should you blog, podcast, periscope or YourTube
  • what to blog about
  • where to find images
  • you’re brainstorming something and need a different perspective
  • you need some feedback on the ideas you have
  • you need someone to keep you accountable and on
  • and on, and on…

Don’t worry, I’ve been there. And because of that I’ve spent countless hours and thousands of dollars researching and learning everything I could about setting up and running an online business, and now I can share that knowledge with you and help you find clarity.

I can help you figure these things out, find the best solutions for YOU, clarify things, put things in perspective, take an unbiased look of an outsider at where you are at and give the best ideas, insights and advice I know.

Here is what you’ll get:

  • An idea-generating, a-ha loaded 1-hour phone or Skype session with me
  • An advice for your next steps and tools
  • An audio recording of the call for your reference
  • One follow up email addressing any questions I wasn’t able to answer on a spot
  • One follow up accountability email a week after the call
  • My undivided attention to all your questions during the call

You can reserve a 1-hour session for $75.00.

The best thing about Lillith is that she’s uber accessible through her “Pick My Brain Sessions”. Although I was already impressed, having a chance to pick her brain was a game-changer. She listened attentively, asked thought-provoking questions and gave me new ideas I had never even considered. After our session I had a much clearer idea of exactly what I needed to do next and she has continued to be accessible via email for follow up questions.
Lillith is one of a kind because she truly cares about your entrepreneur journey and she works tirelessly to bring amazing content and resources so that your entrepreneurial dream will be realized!
Run – don’t walk and book your own “Pick My Brain Session” with Lillith. IMMEDIATELY. I promise you it’s exactly the next step you need to take and your business will surely thank you for it.” Linda Stroud

How it works:

  • Reserve your session using the form below
  • We’ll confirm the date, time and payment details for your session
  • After your payment is complete, you’ll receive a short questionnaire to help us maximize the time together
  • Our 1-hour session will be done over the phone or Skype and you’ll get the recording

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