Pinterest is not a social media its a search engine

Pinterest is not a social media, it’s a search engine

Fresh off the free workshop with Melyssa Griffin (who is awesome!) from The Nectar Collective on how to double your traffic and email list… In it, Melyssa said something that made me stop and go “Huh? I never thought of it that way!” She said: “Pinterest is not a social media, it’s a search engine.” And since it’s a search engine it should be treated as such.

Now, that a statement that makes you stop and think. First reaction: Of course it’s a social media, everyone says so! But then, to Melyssa’s point – we don’t socialize on Pinterest per se. We don’t chat, we don’t share personal stories. Yes, there is a way to leave a comment and like a pin, but it’s not the same effect or impact as a like or a comment on Facebook or Instagram, for example.

Pinterest is not social media its search engine

So, once you look at Pinterest as a search engine primarily, the whole new way of thinking comes to life as far as how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website or blog.

First of all:

Keywords are key. You should have relevant keywords in your account name. Your short bio, your pin descriptions should be keyword rich as well..

Using keywords in Pinterest bio


A call to action is as important as it is on your website. Make sure your short bio has a call to action and so are the descriptions of your pins.

Using call to action in Pinterest bio


Your boards need to reflect what people in your relevant niche are looking for. Keywords in board descriptions will make searching for them easier, and so are clear and to the point board names. Just call them what people are looking for (i.e. Blogging Tips), don’t get too cute or creative with the names.

Using keywords in board names in Pinterest


Branding is not to be overlooked. You want your boards to have cover images that resonate with your brand and, if possible, have similar color scheme, font style or overall look. Try to do the same with the pins you are re-pinning from others.


Re-pin pins that are relevant to what your business offers. If you are in branding and marketing, pin images that are related to that. Don’t confuse your followers with random, unrelated pins. Streamline your content so your followers know what they can expect from your feed. If you have unrelated images that you would love to pin for yourself, create secret boards where only you can see the content.

By following these simple rules, you will create a cohesive, on-brand feed that will be found by those you’re looking to serve and then consistently give them what they want.

All your pins should link back to your website. Make sure that none of your links are broken and they link to the post/page that the image refers to.

Make your pins rich by switching to a business account and applying for rich pins. Rich pins put your website name right on the pin description, along with your website’s favicon (tiny logo you see in browser next to your website’s URL), and the meta description from your blog post – way more than a regular pin would give you, which is ‘alt’ description of your image (if you remembered to add one!).

Your pin images colors and the fonts should be similar or same to the ones you use in your website design, so that your visitors are not surprised/confused when they get to your website from Pinterest.

Once the visitors get to your website, make sure that you have a great incentive for them waiting there to sign up for your email list (which is the king!).

You can go one step further and create a pin image that promotes your incentive/opt-in gift and link it to a dedicated page where your visitors can sign up for your email list to receive it.

One of the keys in getting a steady flow of visitors to your website, is to pin consistently, frequently and at optimal times. Since we all have lives (and often day jobs), you can’t do it all by yourself. Employ a scheduling tool like BoardBooster to help you to pin and re-pin relevant content at the best time and in numbers.

These are just some of the tips that were covered in Melyssa’s webinar and that I learned from her awesome course, Pinfinite Growth.

Let me tell you something, I’m an online course addict, I admit it. As such, I own a lot of courses on everything online business-related and Melyssa’s course is one of the few that I went through non-stop and was able to implement right away WITH RESULTS.

First of all, I just love they way she teaches her material. No hype, just very friendly, calm, pleasant delivery. Step by step, in a logical order, everything is explained to a ‘t’.

Second of all, you think you’re getting a Pinterest training course, but no, you are getting SO much more. The course guides you through streamlining your actual blog and really thinking of who your customer is and what is the best content for them. It gets you thinking of your topics, your brand, your website layout, all the groundwork that is important to address before you start driving customers to your site.

She talks about the images you use as your pins, how to design them, what is the best size and layout, the tools you can use to create them and how.

She gives you a thorough tech training on how to use BoardBoster so you get the best results AND you get a 100 days of it for free, a deal she got for her students.

There is a support group to go along with that and live Q&A calls.


Long story short, I was very impressed and thoroughly enjoyed taking Pinfinite Growth. It has been a couple weeks since I have implemented what Melyssa teaches in her course and now over 55% of the traffic to my site comes from Pinterest. Using the course and BoardBooster to schedule my pins, I have also almost doubled the number of my followers on Pinterest and the number of repins and likes are through the roof, and that’s with scheduling only third of daily pins of what Melyssa recommends!

So, needless to say, I highly recommend her course and I’m proud to be her affiliate.

Even though Pinterest is not a brand new platform, it’s currently gaining steam and becoming a main traffic source for many bloggers and creative entrepreneurs that I know. Check out it’s power for yourself and if you want to learn more on exact tactics on how to make it work for you, while thoroughly enjoying the learning process, sign up for Pinfinite Growth.

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    I’m right in the middle of really setting up my Pinterest profile, so this article came just at the right time. Although I have a profile, it’s not optimized.

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    Hi, Kirsten, your classmate from SCBS here. I was just browsing your site and came across this post. I wasn’t going to do Pinterest for my “business” (haha) right away, but after reading this I think I will. Great post – thank you!



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