How to schedule Instagram posts using Latergram

How to schedule Instagram posts using Latergram

I recently wrote a post about tools I use to schedule Instagram posts and since I had a lot of interest in this topic, I figured I’ll show you how I schedule Instagram posts using my favorite app, Latergram*, recently re-branded to simply Later at*. Later allows you schedule instagram posts for free.

I love Later(gram) for these reasons:

  • it’s a tool that is very easy to use
  • it offers a calendar view that lets you see at a glance how your posts spread out over time
  • it has a post library where your images reside and can be reused
  • it allows you to find and re-post relevant images
  • all the activities can be done from the inside of the app, never having to go to Instagram itself
  • and the best part is that you 30 posts a month that you can schedule for free which makes this best free instagram auto poster around

If you want to become regular with your Instagram posts and at least have one daily post that you can schedule, the free plan that Later(gram) offers is a great start for you. To be able to schedule more posts a month, you can move up to Premium plan which is $19/mo or $16/mo billed annually and that will allow you to schedule up to 250 posts a month.

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But on with the free account for now.

Let me show you how to schedule Instagram posts with Later(gram).

How to schedule Instagram posts using Latergram

Got to

Log in to Later(gram).

You don’t need to create an account with Later(gram). If you have an Instagram, you can just log in using it.

Click on Sign In:

Schedule Instagram posts with Latergram is now Later

On the next screen choose ‘Sign in with Instagram’:

You can sign in into Latergram using your Instagram account and schedule Instagram posts

You will end up on the main screen with the Calendar view being the default:

The default view in Latergram is the Calendar view

From this point you can add and schedule a post in 4 different ways:

  1. Load up your images from your computer or from cloud storage like DropBox using Upload Media
  2. Search and Repost images from other Instagram users
  3. If you have used Later(gram) previously and have uploaded and have an Unused Media you can use that
  4. If you have used Later(gram) previously and have uploaded and posted images, you can go into the Media Library (or Used Media) and schedule these images again

There are 4 ways you can get the images into Latergram

Lets go over every method.

Method 1: Upload your own media

When you first start with Later(gram), you have no images to schedule or post. The most basic way to get those images into this app is to upload them from your computer (where you have created them prior to this), or from a cloud storage like DropBox (you’ll need to connect to it). To get the images from your computer into Later(gram) use the Upload Media button on the left upper part of the screen:

Upload images into Latergram using Upload Media

Once you press this button, you are brought to you usual file explorer interface that you would use with any file for any software. From here, locate an image from your computer or from your DropBox integration on your computer. Choose the image and press Open:

Upload an image from your computer into Latergram

Once you upload your image, it becomes a new image in your Unused Media:

New images is stored in Unused Media in Latergram

Now your image is available to be scheduled for a post in Instagram.

Grab the image with your mouse from the Unused Media and drag it across your screen into the Calendar and drop into a date/time slot when you want your post to go out. As soon as you do that, a post editing window will pop up with the image already loaded and your desired time specified.

In this window you can crop the image, create caption and, if you want, adjust the date and time of the post:

Edit your image and description before you schedule it in Instagram

Add the caption, links and hashtags to your caption. Once you’re happy, press Save:

Create a caption for your Instagram post and Save

As soon as you Save, the image thumbnail will appear in the date/time slot you have scheduled it for with the time stamp on overlayed:

The post that is schedule appears on the calendar view with a timestamp

At this point your post is scheduled and ready to go out. If it’s still before scheduled time and you want to edit the post, you can click on it, edit it and save.

Once the date/time comes, the reminder will pop up on your smartphone Later(gram) companion app and you will be able to post it through onto Instagram.


All you have to do is to Post your image and it will appear in Instagram like it usually does.

By using the Later(gram) you can create images that are just perfect and jive with your brand, pick out the best hash tags, schedule them in advance at ideal times instead of scouring last minute to post a half-thought out image.
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To schedule images that are curated images found from another Instagrammer, use the Search & Repost feature. The beauty of Search & Repost is that these type of images are not limited by the 30 posts a month restriction of the free account.

To schedule using Search and Repost method, from the main dashboard, select Search and Repost tab:

Schedule an Instagram post using Latergram Search and Repost

You will see the main Search and Repost screen where you can either search for posts using Instagram user handles (@) or hashtags (#).

You can also simply scroll through the posts and choose the one you like:

Search and Repost screen in Latergram


If you choose to search for an image, enter handle or a hashtag. When you enter a hashtag, as you’re entering, you will get suggestions on similar hashtags and you can choose the one that you want:


Latergram suggests the hashtags for your posts


Once you choose the hashtag, you will be presented with the posts that relate to it:

Posts matching Solopreneur hashtag

Click on the post of your choosing and Add it to Library:

Choose a post in Latergram and add it to your Library

Once you hit ‘Add to Library’ button, you’ll get a message of the image being added to your Library at the top of the screen. Once it’s done you can go into the Library and see that the image is now there and available:

Image is added to the Library in Latergram

Switch back to the Calendar view and you will see that same image listed under Unused Media. Just like we did previously, to schedule it, just grab this image and drag it over to the date/time spot on the calendar. At that time you will be able to change/add caption and any other hashtags:

Image is available for repost

You can adjust the caption and the hashtags for the repost.


Method 3: Use Unused Media

Basically, you can always load up a bunch of images (yours or repost) into your media Library and use them to schedule posts later.

To schedule, just locate an image under your Unused Media, grab and drag it over to the date/time spot on the calendar. Once you drop it, it will open up for you to edit it. Edit and save to complete the scheduling

Image is available for repost


Method 4: Post from Used Media

Once you’ve been posting through Later(gram) for a while, you will have the images stored in the Used Media section:

Old Latergram posts are stored under Used media

Any of the used images can be grabbed and dragged over to the date/time on the calendar. Just like in previous methods, as soon as you drop the image into its spot on the calendar, it will open up so you can edit caption and add/remove hashtags.

Edit and save to schedule the post.

Now you can see all your posts ready to go out:

Scheduled out posts in Latergram

Later(gram)* is a great tool with a free option that allows you to plan, prepare and schedule your Instagram posts in a visual, easy to do manner. No account is needed, simply sign in using your Instagram account. Install a companion app on your smart phone and you’re in business.

See this post for other apps you can use to schedule your Instagram posts.

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Note: * identifies an affiliate link



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