My top free Instagram scheduler (and other social media too!)

My top free Instagram scheduler (and other social media too!)

One of my latest experiments in social media marketing has been putting more time and attention into Instagram. I love it as a platform, but I have been using it somewhat haphazardly and so I want to see what results I can get if I make my efforts more strategic and planned. One of the way to do that is to use free Instagram post scheduler.

My top free Instagram scheduler these days is (formerly Latergram). I love this tool and I have previously written about it here and here. But it just keeps getting better and better, and so I wanted to talk about it once again.

My top free Instagram scheduler (and other social media too!)

So, why do I love Later and what makes it one of the best free Instagram scheduling tools?

Later is a free Instagram scheduling tool

Well, let’s start with obvious – it’s free. Later gives your 30 free Instagram posts to schedule every month. If you want to schedule more, they have paid plans that you can upgrade to. You can grab a Plus plan that gives you 100 Instagram posts a month for just 9 bucks, and with 1-2 recommended daily posts, that is plenty.

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To make it even easier on you, Later offers an affiliate link which you can share with others and when your  link is used to sign up for an account, you and your friend get additional 10 free scheduled posts. Are these guys awesome, or what?!

Later schedules Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest

So, if this wasn’t not the coolest thing ever, Later went out and recently added other social media platforms you can schedule using their super-easy interface. Later now lets you schedule Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter posts! With your free plan you can add one of each. Scheduling is a breeze. Just drag a bunch of images into your media library or find images on Instagram and save them for later. Then grab an image that you like and drag-and-drop it into the calendar at the date/time you want. I have covered how to do that in this post.

Later offers Saved Caption feature

Once your image is placed in the calendar, you can add a caption and hashtags. Later has added a new neat feature where you can save your most popular, often used caption in “Saved Caption” spot and then use it whenever you need. In the same way, you can save your favorite hashtags and easily add them to your post.

Later suggests the hashtags

And, speaking of hashtags. Now, when you start typing a hashtag in your Latergramme caption field, the auto-suggestion, just like in the Instagram, pops up to help you pick your favorite hashtags and the hashtags related to it.

Later offers Instagram analytics

You would think that Later would stop there, as if this wasn’t already the best tool to schedule Instagram posts for free. No, these awesome peeps went one step further and added Instagram analytics to this amazing online tool. Analytics show you the likes and the comments generated in the past 30 days, along with your top posts for each. Analytics for Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest are in the works.


I hope I have convinced you to give this tool a try. Really, you have nothing to lose. You get at least 30 posts a month for free (or if you follow my link, should give you 10 extra free posts), the interface is super easy to use and you will be off to a more consistent posting schedule in no time.

Give a try and have fun!
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